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Welcome to TaylorMade Solutions’- Perspectives Blog. I am eager to share many my insights and observations related to the rapidly changing Fashion Industry. We are in the midst of constant and significant change in every part of our industry. That puts an especially heavy burden on educational institutions to stay relevant, competitive, and dialed into the realities of the Fashion Industry.

Working in the Fashion Industry for more than twenty-five years has been stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. From the early years of retail buying and divisional management, to the unpredictable yet fulfilling years spent shaping young minds in educational institutions across the United States, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to experience some of the brightest and most motivated professionals seeking to make an impact. Now I am able to combine my passion for the industry and my excitement about the role of education to prepare a new generation of professionals to meet the challenges of a changing marketplace. I have created TaylorMade Solutions, Where Education Meets Fashion.

The landscape of the fashion industry is evolving at break-neck speed. Continuous advances in technology, new retail models driven by multiple digital platforms, and demographic groups that no longer relate to old retail models, are forcing changes that even a few years ago weren’t imagined. You don't have to be a fashion insider to notice and feel the disruption that has taken place not just in the last ten years, but in the last 10 months!

Fashion educators and employers feel these rapid changes have contributed to the gap that now exists between emerging fashion talent and the employer. The rising talent may not be fully skilled to adapt to the new marketplace while the fashion employers may find it challenging to fill positions within their company. In addition, retailers are pressured to maintain brand relevance while adapting to a new consumer culture focus of Retail Without Boundaries.

TaylorMade Solutions provides unique solutions to address the challenges educators, retailers, and entrepreneurs are currently experiencing. These solutions are based on a 3-step process: Insight, Innovation, and Impact. My experience translates into insight. My blend of skills, and knowledge create solutions are rooted in innovation. Individualized service agreements produce measurable impact!

My goal as founder of TaylorMade Solutions is to meet today's fashion industry needs and opportunities with solutions crafted for your success! Discover your advantage in the new and powerful fashion marketplace.

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