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TaylorMade Solutions provides retailers, educators, and entrepreneurs unique solutions to challenges you face in the fashion industry. Stephanie Taylor is an experienced fashion industry professional who has achieved success inside the industry as a buyer, retail manager, and merchandiser, as well as an educator, preparing young people for fashion careers. She holds a Master's degree in Human Development and Education, served as an Assistant Professor of Fashion; and was Department Chairperson for multiple Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs. This experience translates into Insight. This blend of talent, perspective, and success creates solutions rooted in Innovation. Individualized strategic plans that address your challenges produce measurable Impact!

Stephanie R. Taylor

Education Services
Where Education Meets Fashion

Accreditation and Compliance 

Earning and maintaining accreditation in the United States is a voluntary, yet essential process for institutions of higher education. Schools request to be evaluated and/or have their programs evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. TMS assists Fashion Merchandising and Design Departments become familiar with the accrediting agency's standards and prepares them for their accreditation review. 

Fashion Department Relevance

Fashion Merchandising and Design Departments are challenged to be both relevant and competitive. In the fast changing world of fashion, curriculum offerings and faculty support must be adaptable, current, and directly tied to fashion industry reality. TMS has its finger on the pulse of the industry and can assist programs that are being developed, those that are in place, and those that require modifications.

Technology Innovations

Educational programs, especially Fashion Merchandising and Design Departments are challenged to keep up with changes in technology that affect instruction, all aspects of fashion commerce, and even clothing itself. Wearable technology, digital assistants, and increased use of meta and visual data present Fashion and Design Departments with unique challenges. TMS can help you adjust your programs to meet these developments.

Experiential Learning

Incorporating experiential learning into your Fashion Merchandising and Design curriculum is no longer an option; it is essential. Professional networking and other industry connections must start early in the student's learning. TMS can facilitate NYC field trips, exposure to fashion industry leaders, and key trade and fashion shows. 

Retail Without Boundaries
Services That Make An Impact

TaylorMade Solutions is a fashion entrepreneur's link to the latest retail trends, developments, and opportunities in the fashion industry. Our services can help you regardless of the stage your business is in: concept, start-up, growth, or expansion. 



Branding & Marketing

Entrepreneurs in the Fashion Industry must differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Your brand and your marketing strategies are the most effective tools you have to tell your story. TMS can help you craft a compelling message and circulate it effectively.

Visual Communication

Regardless of your retail strategy, people make buying decisions largely on what they see. Whether they walk into your store, log in to your e-commerce site, or purchase something on television, they experience your product visually first. TMS can assist you develop and improve your visual communication strategies. 

Revenue Strategies

The core of any fashion related business is the ability to generate revenue from the products or services that you sell. There are many options to consider when creating a revenue strategy. TMS helps you match the strategy that is most appropriate for your business to the market that you serve and the products that you sell.

Technology Innovations

Digital platforms enable retail without boundaries. Your business must be aware of the digital options that are available to you from operational applications such as POS systems to online e-commerce; digital styling, wearable technology, and robust viral marketing. TMS and its associates can put you in touch with technology solutions that fit your circumstances.


Professional Development  



Career Readiness  

Content Creator

Industry Lecturer

Curriculum Development

Organizational Leadership

Accreditation Review

Accreditation Evaluation


Networking & Engagement


Stephanie Taylor provided valuable leadership, enthusiasm, and direction for the work of FGI in her position as the director of the Fashion and Design Department at the Art Institute in Pittsburgh. Her industry knowledge and ability to link her experience in higher education with the realities and needs of the Fashion Industry are unique resources that will benefit any university or college Fashion Department committed to making their programs more relevant and competitive.

Margaret Hayes, President & CEO

Fashion Group International New York, New York

As Department Chair for Fashion Marketing & Management and Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Stephanie established a broad network of professional connections. In addition, she single-handily started and led the Pittsburgh Chapter of Fashion Group International. She has been instrumental in bringing the Art Institute of Pittsburgh into the sphere of academic and professional organizations involved in the Pittsburgh fashion Industry.

Daniel J. Garland, Ph.D.

VP/Dean of Academic Affairs; Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Developing programs with Stephanie is always a delight. Her creative and constructive thinking allows her to pull the necessary resources together to move projects forward.  Together, we forged partnerships and produced events with the local media, businesses, and students that generated real world results and exposure to mutually achieve our goals. 

Michael Gianoutsos, Director Marketing & Business Development

Simon Property Group

I met Stephanie Taylor over 15 years ago as a professor in the Columbia College fashion and design department. It was immediately apparent the knowledge and passion she has for the fashion industry. Stephanie has a vast background and experience in fashion/design education and management to retail and the marketplace. She also naturally “connects “ with students, faculty and industry professionals and establishes great partnerships. As a successful fashion industry professional, Stephanie brings unique talent, knowledge, innovation and results whether it is in education or the retail fashion industry.

Virginia Wilson, Director

Columbia Small Business Development Center, University of Missouri

Prior to my role at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I knew very little about creative arts education. Most of my experience was comprised of the post-traditional higher education so creative arts were a whole new world for me. Aside from the many programs offered at the time, our fashion program was the most progressive and innovative. This is due in part to Stephanie Taylor's creative vision and leadership. She brought with her a level of experience, expertise; professional and edgy new age thinking that was infused in this program. You could see it in student projects, events, overall academic results. Her students were a direct reflection of her love for the industry and willingness to be nimble as the industry changed. Stephanie is an incredible leader, innovator and creative mind who is primed to take anything she touches to the next level!

Kimbrea Browning, Vice President of Enrollment

Union Institute & University

Stephanie Taylor created relationships that inspired, engaged and supported the blending together of creativity with practical knowledge.  As the director of the Fashion Marketing and Management Department at The Art Institute of Charlotte, she worked tirelessly to elevate learning in both her students and faculty staff.  Her genuine desire to connect people with their passion within the fashion industry in a uniquely positive way produced purpose aligned with a vision that will benefit any higher education institution or organization that wishes to not simply grow their business, but their people as well.​​

Mike Watson, Founder Heart-Centric Leadership

Fashion Marketing and Management Instructor The Art Institute of Charlotte

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